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Victorian Style Bathing Huts

I love making things that are a little different to everyone else!! Based on my haycart bases, I developed a Victorian Style Bathing hut. Initially  prompted by a film set requirement, these have developed from there.

Bathing hut on set1.jpg

Brighton Beach

Elliott Hasler is a fantastic young film Director based down in Brighton, Sussex, my own home county. This year saw the release in the UK of his feature length film Vindication Swim. Pictured is Elliott on Brighton beach filming the bathing hut I made for the film set.


Exclusive Offer: Visit my showroom to see the actual bathing hut used in "Vindication Swim" on display and for sale. Experience its timeless beauty up close and discover how it can become a cherished focal point in your home or business. 

During filming

The beach hut was made to withstand being used up and down Brighton beach. The wheels were banded double width so they moved easily across the stones. I also made a set of iron steps to ease access into and out of the hut.

Each of the huts are handcrafted by me ensuring unparalleled quality and attention to detail that transports you to another time. While perfect for film sets, my bathing huts aren't just for show. They can be moved around to suit your needs, are one-of-a-kind retail space and offer endless possibilities. 

With my huts featured in "Vindication Swim," you can trust in their ability to captivate audiences and create a lasting impression. Choose your own colour to make a statement. Tailor your bathing hut to suit your needs, from size and color to additional features and accessories, ensuring it perfectly complements your space. 

I take pride in preserving the art of traditional craftsmanship, infusing each hut with the same passion and dedication that defined the Victorian era. They are built to last. 

Bathing hut Vindication swim.png
Bathing hut.JPG

Delivery of the hut

The hut was made to be collapsible so that it was delivered in sections. The wheels and chassis were one complete piece, with the walls, roof and doors all being flat packed ready to be assembled on the film set.


Ready to make a statement with your own Victorian bathing hut? Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of cinematic history. Contact us today to learn more and start your journey back in time. Mobile: 07501 495879 email: 

Coming to Coleford!

The hut used in the film will soon be on display in my new glass fronted showroom in Coleford town centre. 

You can view it between 10:30-4pm Tuesday to Saturday from 16th May.

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